19 July 2012

4 weeks of 8

Here's an update!!

I am half way through an 8 week programme that concentrates specifically on legs, arms and shoulders!

With each workout I have to increase the weights I lift! This has been challenging but a very rewarding one!!

you'll have happy to hear that I have increased arm size by 0.5" to a little over 15", delts have gone from 45.5" to 46.25" and legs (my most stubborn part) 19.5 to just over 20.5"!

We're maintaining a low carbs diet (it is summer afterall - lean is supreme) and the extra calories are coming from chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken.

However, this low carb malarky is coming to an end and the remaining four weeks of this workout will see an increase in calories!! Size matters as well as definition!

I am really enjoying this workout though and the emphasis on specific groups as well as increasing weights constantly is something new to me but seems to be working!

What are your current workouts?

6 July 2012

Two years of progress...

... and post number 100!

So I recently entered the Men's Health UK Cover Model Competition 2012!

I did well and got through to the final 15 from 1000s of applicants!
You may know that I didn't quite make it to the cover but to me, that really doesn't matter!

Getting to a point where I am comfortable and happy AND having MH confirm that I could be cover model material is more than enough!

My friend and supersize follower sent me a screenshot of a picture form when I started (way back in Dec 2009) to a recent shot taken by Chrysallis Photography!

The transformation is really amazing and when I see it I am filled with content knowing I pushed forward!

Check out the video from Men's Health selection day and see if you can spot me...
ALSO, remember to vote for your favourite in the top 5!


It's great to look back but better to look forward!

3 July 2012

Low carbs!!

Carbs are out this season and fats / protein is in!

I've started a low carbs diet that consists of eating between 50g and 100g of carbs only per day!
This is accompanied by so much (lime enfused) water it is unbelievable - toilet stops are plentiful and often!

The reason for this? A lean and slow bulk over the course of July and August.
After cutting down to be ripped for summer, I want to start re-compositioning and one way to achieve that is by working body parts that you want to improve and nothing else.

But, it's a conundrum on the diet front - bulking hard with a high calorie intake means losing those abs... Not getting enough calories means wasted workouts!

So how to compromise? For me, its about dropping water and glycogen stores in the subcutaneous layers (this will mean the fat around the skin (and abs) will be minimised) but the calorie intake from protein and fat will remain at a level that will ensure a good clean / lean bulk.

That's the theory - I'll let you know how I get on!

1 July 2012

Supersize gets a facelift!

I've made a few design changes to Supersize with the most noticeable difference an extra tag that takes you to the Supersize Chris Facebook page.

Let me know what you think!!

Final 15!!

Well - I made it to the final 15 of this year's men's health cover model final!

Really happy with the result and the effort I put in to get the conditioning right!

Thanks everyone for your support!!