6 July 2012

Two years of progress...

... and post number 100!

So I recently entered the Men's Health UK Cover Model Competition 2012!

I did well and got through to the final 15 from 1000s of applicants!
You may know that I didn't quite make it to the cover but to me, that really doesn't matter!

Getting to a point where I am comfortable and happy AND having MH confirm that I could be cover model material is more than enough!

My friend and supersize follower sent me a screenshot of a picture form when I started (way back in Dec 2009) to a recent shot taken by Chrysallis Photography!

The transformation is really amazing and when I see it I am filled with content knowing I pushed forward!

Check out the video from Men's Health selection day and see if you can spot me...
ALSO, remember to vote for your favourite in the top 5!


It's great to look back but better to look forward!

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