3 July 2012

Low carbs!!

Carbs are out this season and fats / protein is in!

I've started a low carbs diet that consists of eating between 50g and 100g of carbs only per day!
This is accompanied by so much (lime enfused) water it is unbelievable - toilet stops are plentiful and often!

The reason for this? A lean and slow bulk over the course of July and August.
After cutting down to be ripped for summer, I want to start re-compositioning and one way to achieve that is by working body parts that you want to improve and nothing else.

But, it's a conundrum on the diet front - bulking hard with a high calorie intake means losing those abs... Not getting enough calories means wasted workouts!

So how to compromise? For me, its about dropping water and glycogen stores in the subcutaneous layers (this will mean the fat around the skin (and abs) will be minimised) but the calorie intake from protein and fat will remain at a level that will ensure a good clean / lean bulk.

That's the theory - I'll let you know how I get on!

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  1. well that is definitely a great 'before' pic! :)