31 August 2010

Phase 3: Week 1

Official blog with update to follow as soon as I have:

Photoshop Elements
Sony SLR Raw File converter for mac
Some form of photo / paint editor to stick files together on


24 August 2010

I am half a biker!

Just for reference, I passed my module 1 bike test today! One more test to go and I can ride a bike without training wheels!!


My legs are feeling it today!!
Workout yesterday was great and I fully recommend trying 20 rep sets on squats!

I am also liking deep squats!!

23 August 2010

Typical diet

So this is proving to be harder than anticipated... And the amount that I need to eat to reach 3000 calories per day is kinda intimidating me!

I am using an online meal planner at maximuscle and the weight of food needs more consideration I think!!

I'#ll use this week as a practice for sorting out certain foods that I like to eat and then can mock up a typical days meal progress!

22 August 2010

Phase 3

I've been reading some internet forums and articles at bodybuilding.com
Legs for me  weak and really could do with a boost to get to a good level!

They have made progress in becoming firmer, tighter and more powerful, despite the issues faced with my knee troubles!

I would like them to grow though and to do that I need to shock them!!

From what I understand, a good way to do this is to perform 20 rep sets and really push them to burn. That is my intention this time in phase 3 as I have been reassured that growth and overall strength should increase by doing this type of workout format.

I have done a mix and match workout though with some 2 x 20s and some 5 x 5. The intention is to continue lifting comfortably heavy and we'll see how it goes.

The plan has been split into four workouts again and I intend on doing 15 minutes of running or cycling after each workout!

Cardio is important still!!

Thinking forward...

I am sat in the garden tanning for the bank holiday weekend!

While doing so, I am pondering about what to do next in my routine to start tweaking and scuplting the physique.

Three things are going to happen today!
1. I will post a new 12 week workout for serious mass.
2. I will look at my BMR and calorie intake and post a typical days likely intake
3. I will work out what body parts to concentrate on and what exercises are the best for me to continue with!

17 August 2010

Here comes the science bit...

I had a health check and body composition test yesterday!

After finishing a 10k run in 59:53 during lunch break yesterday with colleagues from work, I was feeling pretty darn motivated.

Getting the results from the bodycheck just boslstered my motivation!! Which, is a shame really as I'm going to have a week off this week as you all know!

I will be updating the body composition every month as I feel it's another useful tool im measuring progress and is a little more official than my stats I suppose!

My measurements are pretty inspiring for me. I've managed to keep low body fat at 7.6%.
This gives me confidence that I can be a little less frugal with calories in the coming phases.
It's also interesting to get an idea of my BMR which is actually quite high and explains the leaness I can achieve.

Sorry everyone!

It does mean that I can plan accordingly to try and add 2lbs of body weight / muscle per week by counting more stringently the calories and when I begin working out the workout for phase 3 I will be doing a very thorough meal plan!

Body stat 1500...

15 August 2010

Phase 2: The end (Week 13)

Lots to catch up on in the final post within the scope of Phase 2!!

This has been a long three months and I've come another great distance from starting point to finish!!

Weight has increased, strength has increased, body fat has stayed minimal and the hunger has grown also.

I tried D-aspartic acid for 12 days and cannot really report much on whether this worked or not. I certainly have increased strength but was this due to the product or not? It's hard to say!!

I've got to the half way point of my weight target of 70kg of lean weight! I am happy about that and to ensure that this is not due to the clothes I'm wearing or a full bladder, I have actually been weighing myself every day and I've consistently been just over 65kg on the scales!

Very happy with that.

Next week is the wedding on the year (in our family at least so far this year...) I will be taking a break from the gym for the next week and will be back on the following Monday (23rd) with a light week on the build up to the bank holiday weekend.

September will then see a new workout implemented for the final push to 70kg!! I am hoping that eating a lot in December will do this!! And obviously, before December I plan to eat alot too!

My weak parts are legs generally and the next period will look at a four week rotation for certain body parts so that they will have more focus during each week to hopefully spike some additional growth. We'll see how that pans out!

Now, to update at the end of this phase then!

I am extremely happy with the progress and how I am looking right now!! If I didn't have this niggle to reach 70kg again then I would probably stop and just maintain!! That wouldn't be much fun for all those that read the blog and want to follow the progression though!!




13 August 2010


I will be updating on Sunday this week!

I have missed a week I know :-(

And, it will be week 14 and the last week of phase 2!
However, I feel that as next week I will be away with weddings somewhere far flung in the UK, I should probably call phase 2 finish and have my week off early!!

So, at the end of week 13, I will give a summary of this phase and my final stats!
I'll start to work out the plan for phase 3 which will commence in two weeks time. I am planning a serious bulk as I'm debating whether or not I can live without being lean over the winter... we'll see!

I will also review what parts need to be targetted to see if I can coax them into building at a quicker pace!!

11 August 2010

Selecting a workout...

I've been asked by a few people now on how I go about choosing and putting together a workout!

Well, the answer is simple and possibly somewhat controversial!
I make it up...

I've read so many articles and plans and searched different exercises but always find myself coming back to the core exercises and building a workout plan on what works for me!

It's all down to experiencing the gym and taking in what's around you and what you can do!

Of course, if you're looking to get started, it can be a mine field and knowing what is specifically good for you in the start is mins boggling and not helpful for getting faster and more rewarding results.

So, as a useful bit of information, I've compiled a list of tools that I would recommend using for training and diet planning.

These should be used as a guide only and doing things at your own pace and what you feel comfortable and enjoying doing should be primary!!

Gold's Gym Muscle Selector

Exercise Prescription

Maximuscle Training

Maximuscle Meal Planner

9 August 2010

A gym video!

For those that are interested, here is a little gym video!
I had a little cheat on the one handed pull ups as I didn't have my belt to be clipped to and I have no stability when doing them!!

Using your hand to steady takes a little bit of weight off!!

If anyone would like any other demonstrations of exercises or want me to try something out, please leave comments or notes and I will see what I can do!

8 August 2010

Brighton, Builders, Birthday!

Prepare for a fitness update in a short while but first...

What a weekend!
So much fun has been had and a positive start to the new week is definitely on the cards.

If you didn't already know, today is my birthday - I am 27!
On Friday, I took home made cake to work - Sponge filled with mascarpone and fresh raspberries, chocolate sponge with ginger and chocolate butter cream and a dark chocolate and coffee cake!
I then took Daisy for her weekend holiday with the Collies (6 of them) and headed to Sheffield where I started on a road trip to Brighton with my good friend Mr Lawyer!

4 hours later and I was in Worthing with the cheif Buff Builder (buffbuilders.co.uk).
As part of my weekend celebration I promised in my good nature to help the Buff Builders ticket and drum up support at pride!! A great way to spend pride in all seriousness as I was with good friends, had an excuse to be shirtless and had a safe and friendly place to stay!

Much fun was had and it was a great distraction for me and I am so thankful to everyone for making me feel extra happy!! The sun even shone for me!!

Here's a little bit of flesh to give you a taste of the weekend!

5 August 2010

Party time!

I'm on the count down to the weekend!
I am heading to Brighton to see a plethora of friends!!

I will be helping out the buff builders(tm) hand out fliers on Saturday for Brighton pride and then hopefully larging it up and pulling some hard core shapes on the dance floor with DJ Z!!

It is, if you didn't know, my birthday weekend!!
I will be 27... I am today making cakes for work on Friday and I will be going to Jazz night in Doncaster with the folks to celebrate!

If you are around in Brighton, make sure you stop and say hello!!

3 August 2010

Phase 2: Week 11

In all seriousness, friends, family, daisy and the gym are the things that are keeping me going right now!
A dreadful week at work has left me feeling less than inspired and in a distraught state.

Not to let myself be down, I went out at the weekend and purchased a book - "How to be happier".
I'm through to chapter 4 already and have gained some useful and happy insight in how to push forward and not be as negative.

I've started with one sign saying - No negativity, positive thoughts only. I am showing this to anyone at work that is even the slightest bit negative. I'm also trying not to let negative emotions and thought processes wear me down.

Positivity in mind, in spirit and in body! - IT's all new age hippy here kiddies!
I've even gone as far to venture into the domain of lycra clad women to trial pilates...
I think this will help remove excess frustration and tension and increase the flexibility I would like to get back.

I am making good progress with strength in the gym which I am sure will be shown in Friday's strength update! I am impressing myself with some of the gymnastic-esque moves I'm performing and I am hoping to get videos of these to prove to my future self that I could actually do this stuff at one stage in my life!

It's quickly approaching my 27th birthday too! I am heading to Brighton pride for the weekend and would ask anyone that is going to be in the area to let me know!!


Body shots...