30 July 2010

A drop in the ocean!

This week, my mind has been plagued with negativity. Work. Life. Future. Past. Present.
What I really need is a new brain that doesn't constantly think and over process information into micro managed segments!

I think if this were to happen I'd actually be able to get to grips with the base problems and may make depression easier to deal with!

I'm enlisting with a new shrink. It's time to get back to thinking about just what this is all about!
So many times people have said "time is a great healer" and this is true, but I feel like I'm quickly running out of it and I've had 10 years to process and work through!

I'm dedicating this post to my Dad who would have celebrated his 54th Birthday this Thursday just gone.
This August 30th is the 10th anniversary of his death and I will be remembering and trying to take comfort in the knowledge that I should have made him proud with the achievements I've made.

Now, I just need to make myself proud of the achievements I've made! ;-)

Strength - end of week 10

Vitality and strength is suprisingly still apparent. This is despite the fact I've been completely drained this week physically, mentally and emotionally.

The gym and friends have kept me going.
But I am exhausted and will be popping a sleeping pill tonight!!

Strength does seem on the up according to the lifts completed this week!
I am happy about this, as it could signal a benefit of the D-aspartic acid, or it could be a general boost.

Next week will continue the heavy push split!

Strenght chart...

25 July 2010

Phase 2: Week 10

This blog is being written while listening to Alicia Keys, Unthinkable (I'm ready)
A truly beautiful song that for me, has a different meaning.

I am getting to grips with life and continue to push this workout blog with passion and zeal.
The feedback has been great this week from people who are inspired, motivated, impressed and wanting to make a new start for the pursuit of healthy lives.

On the flip side, My mental health is not as positive again this post. I can't quite put my finger on the problem still. I will get to it and once I do, I'll tackle it!!

Fitness wise, this week has been a mixed bag. After chatting with DJ ZB, I may add in an extra leg work out to the split as I feel they are not getting worked half as much as they should. I also feel like I am not working hard enough... This is matched with a sense of underachieveing this week!!

I will stick with this until week 14 as planned with a few tweaks in week 12 if needed. After that, a complete review of where I am and what is needed!!

If you check out Attitude Active magazine this week, on pg 21, you will find me and the advice given on nutrition!!


Body shot...

24 July 2010

Aspartic Acid update!

I may have a reason as to why this hasn't taken any quick effect...

So, it seems as I come to the end of the bottle, there's a lot more crystals... which, to me, would suggest it wasn't dispersed and mixed properly at the top (even after shaking the bottle!!)

Great fun!
So I will have an influx at the end!! Let's see how the next few days go!!

23 July 2010

Dirty Laundry

I have been on holiday this week. Well, off work!
My week started so well, with a party weekend in Manchester with B and J. So much fun was had and it was good to chat and catch up with good friends on the same level.

I had a very good heart to heart with B and made some progress.

However, that has got me to thinking for the rest of the week just gone...
Not a good state and by Thursday the tears were truly falling again.

I am not a happy bunny. After all the positivity of the past few weeks, I think the cycle is back at the relatively shallow bottom trough and it's hitting me harder than I would like.

What am I unhappy about? Well, that is a good question!
I am not overly sure!! Work, ex, me, direction, life and quite possibly the huge sense of distance I feel with reality.

I am coming to the conclusion that I need some space for me. I cannot stand the ultimate pressure I keep putting on me and that others keep exerting too.

I am not over certain things and I really do need some time to give myself enough clarification over them.

The only problem I face is actually having the me time and using it successfully.

Life is not that bad, I just need to make some adjustments and give up trying.
New direction and new interests!!

So here is to clean laundry and ironed creases!

Strength - End of Week 9

I cannot say for certain whether the D-aspartic acid has had any effect. I am still waiting and think that it will be the next 12 days where it is more noticable. I have certainly increased the intensity and weight for some exercises, but it isn't a huge jump!

I suppose it is trying to gauge expectation with reality!
What do I expect to achieve and what is more than likely going to happen...

Well, we shall see!!

I have just purchased some more weight gainer - chocolate flavour this time!
I am still pushing the calories down my throat and have to admit that McDonalds has been a temptation for some quick sugars!

I am a bad influence and a bad person I know!!

Strength Chart...

20 July 2010

Phase 2: Week 9

I'm feeling ever more motivated to continue and push to the limit with compliments from the gym, from friends and now from other bloggers!

I do feel in a good place body wise and should note that I am actually happy with the achievements made (pats self on back)

But... we can go further! Now is not the time to relax and maintain!

I'm possibly reaching a plateau and by the end of phase 2, I hope to be able to fully recognise if this has happened. This will then give me an idea of what to push for in Phase 3 after a well deserved two week rest from exercise!

It's always good to have a break!

As this is the first week of the half split routine, I'm not expecting much and I have been enjoying it, now I've gotten used to not feeling achey ALL over and just in certain areas!

I also want to lose the fear of being bulky and not lean! I think this will then help me increase food intake even more without anxiety about losing the abs! I can get them back with some work!!



15 July 2010

Strength - End of Week 8

I've now been supplementing the D-aspartic acid for 4 days out of the 12 day recommended cycling - nothing apparent has happened that I can tell, but, it's hard to make any judgements without knowing what to expect!

I have decided the most appropriate way to keep track of strength gains now is to document the number of sets and reps I am completing in the new split regime.

I am still not a huge fan of split workouts! I just don't feel like I am working hard enough when I quite obviously am!

Today is the end of Week 8 and in terms of exercises as I have completed the three planned sessions!

I will do a full update as usual on Sunday but for now, here is a new chart format with all my weights for comparison over the next 7 weeks!

Lift spreadsheet...

11 July 2010

The next Half of Phase 2!

I want to split out my workout again.
Fullbody work outs are great and have a place in my heart, but, it's time to get serious as pervious posts suggest!

I've debated over whether to hit a push pull workout or to go for a tru split...
I still can't decide what the best option would be but I am going to try a 3 day split!

I want to train legs and back, shoulders and arms, chest and core.

I think this would give me plenty of chance to add volume and weight into the regime to help increase strength and size.

I would perform  4 to 5 exercises per group so ten in total (apart from core) keeping sets and reps low to not overtrain.

Training shoulders and arms separately to chest and back will also give them a much needed push to help with the gymnastics strength and continuation of ability in that domain.

My suggestion here then is to have a workout as follows:

leg press
Leg push back
Dead lift
Leg Curl

lat pull down
seated row
weighted chins
reverse flyes

military press
front lat raises
cable pull
shoulder press

Ez bar curl
hammer curl
tricep extension

decline press
cable flyes
narrow grip flat bench press
press up

Leg raises
swiss ball crunch

I'm hoping this will be sufficient - any thoughts are always appreciated!

Extra shot...

Phase 2: Week 8

So it's been slow going in my opinion but progress is certainly being made!
As we're now in the second half of Phase 2, I believe a picture recap is in order to see what (if any) visible progress has been made!!

I certainly feel fuller and stronger and happier within myself! Always a plus point!

Of course, we are missing week 5 from the picture array, but we go from the beginning of Phase 2 through to the beginning of Week 8!

To me, I feel like I've filled out around my shoulders and chest mostly! Also, the definition has been relatively easily kept, but I suppose that is down to lack of nosh being thrown down my neck to truly bulk!!

That should change in the second half!

The nice thing about this week is that I tipped 64kg on the scale and I was very nearly on 65kg but the sceptic in me thought this could be water in the body so I don't want to push it!!

I'm certainly optimistic about hitting the 70kg in the next two months!!



9 July 2010

D- Aspartic Acid

I've just heard about this naturally occurring concept molecule for use in muscle building.

Of course, I know what aspartic acid is but had no idea the D variant had potency for this.


Quite a number of papers available on pubmed suggesting good benefits.
I will be trying some over the next half of phase 2 to see what can happen!!

8 July 2010

Time to get (more) serious!

I'm stepping up my game!!

Next Monday will be the half way point for phase 2!
I will be putting together a new workout with strength, flexibility and size in mind (as always)
It will separate out again from the full body workouts I am doing now! I need to give myself some time to grow and I feel that increasing volume and weight can only me longer recovery time for maximum effectiveness!

I have wrist straps and a dipping belt to help increase weight capacity on lifts and with dips and chins (of course).

I am more than confident that I will be able to over achieve the limits I want over the next 7 weeks!!

One handed pull ups are becoming easier to perform and this pleases me as they can be tricky with stability!!

If anyone has ideas, send them through!!

5 July 2010

Phase 2: Week 7

What an amazing week this has been!!
So much fun has been had and I feel really good.
Had a minor cry at work on Tuesday in front of my boss. Good times. But, I'm so on track right now it's unbelieveable!!

London pride was held over the weekend and being with good friends in the sunshine (with a free bar) was just what the Dr ordered!! Some me time for sure!

I've also got a new tattoo that was so well received by the gays it's not even funny! So good!!

Gym wise, I've pushed so hard this week and have been getting the strength back to the point where I can now do two sets of 6 reps on one handed pull ups!!

Today, I even managed to impress two of the instructors... I've asked them to get some proper rings into the gym as they are a great way to train as my friends Greg and Finn know!


Body Shot...