28 June 2010

Phase 2: Week 6

What happened to week 5 I hear you shout?
Sorry! Even with the supposed early post, I completely crapped out!
I've been away with work this week and had to go to London for various reasons prior to flying.

It's been a great week and the enhanced vitamin D production and being amongst good colleagues has given me some new energy so that over the past four days of being back, I've more than made up for the loss of gym time!

I am nearly half way through my Phase 2 stage and next week, I think it would be good to do a summary report and picture comparison. I'll get that ready for you all!!

I've had a request to post up a typical work out and days eating to help others see what is potentially working for me!

It's not secret that I used to do some gymnastics when younger and I have always followed roughly a similar ethic for training to maintain lean, strong and flexible physique.

The key points in my workout are to increase flexibility and size while maintaining shape.
This is being achieved through a variety of simple exercises to achieve strength density and overall size. (I hope).

A workout still consists for me of eight exercises, no more than two per body part. I am a big fan of push pull routines when time is constrained but presently, full body exercises are more than adequate.

I'll outline what the workout could consist of and the reasons for choosing specific exercises:

Flat Bench Press
Narrow Grip Incline / Decline bench press

Narrow grip is to ensure size and strength in the lower pectorals and the triceps. These are core for parallel bar work. They can be changed out for dips with a weighted belt.

Lat pull down / weighted Pull ups

I perform these with negative reps as they are amazing for increasing static strength for ring discipline. Changing the stance of your lower torso can also add to overall outcome by allowing easy movement while on the rings.

Dumbbell rows
I heart these for size on the lats but they have no real impact for flexibility

For explosive power while on the floor, (which I of course do not do anymore!!) Squats or clean and jerk type exercises can help to build fast twitch strength if done at medium weight with high reps. Done at a faster pace should be useful. I am still in a stage of physio for my knee and therefore I'm just lifting to build the quads back up!

Leg push back
I'm not sure of what the correct exercise title is but these are like a leg kick back where you push on a bar to help the hamstring and glutes. These are actually quite good for my flexibility and I must say it has improved my lower flexibility and strengh. This is of course subjected as it's been quite bad for years...

Leg raises and general work on the pull up bars then ensues as I try and practice a variety of moves to enhance core strengh.

I then move to shoulder exercises as powerful shoulders with good static strengh give greater stability and holding time on strength disciplines like bars / rings / pommel. This could be lateral raises, shoulder press or a variety of moves on the cable cross machine.

For food. I eat. And eat. And eat. Whatever I can. I don't eat enough for the size I would like but I'm trying!! Protein and Carbs and Fat are all taken in without counting as long as the calories are consumed at the right times to ensure no carbs laying on the stomach over night and that protein isn't taken in too big a quantity before work outs.



19 June 2010

Early Update!

I'm just about to head to the gym and when I come back, I will do the weekly update!
I'm off to Spain next week and will be away from Sunday so next week could a problem for lifting!
There is a gym at the hotel, but, I imagine it is a lot of cardio and 10kg weights...

We'll see! At least I get to work on the tan!! :-)

16 June 2010

Mid Week Perk Up!

After not hearing anything from Men's Health, I was feeling a little jaded!! BUT!! QX Mag that I recently shot for with David and Lambros Hart hit London today!!

So very pale but so very in target from the looks of the finished product!!

14 June 2010

Phase 2: Week 4

Half way through this phase then and progress has been slow.
As said last week, I need to eat more, and I can feel myself being hungry a lot more often!! I just need to start snacking heavily and hopefully it will pay off in the kgs!!

I have added one kilo this week and that has made me happy as well as adding o.5 of an inch to my thighs! All other measurements are pretty similar!!



Beach Ready?

This has ben such a fun week for me!
I'm feelin g a lot more positive after a trip to the Drs and a counselling session. Things appear to be on the up! My anxiety levels are down and depression rating has dropped slightly too.

I've spend most of this week meeting friends, having dinner, walking Daisy and wandering around York!

I unfortunately did not find anything of interest (or within budget) to purchase in the Vivienne Westwood Sale despite having an extra 10% reduction mailer sent to my mums house for being a loyal customer! Well, one purchase in seven years could be considered loyal!!

In a weeks time, I will be hitting the beach, bar and conference room at a hotel in Spain where the half yearly sales conference for my department will be held! I am hoping that I am beach ready as our team building event looks like it will be held in the sea and on the beach... possibly building a raft?? Let's hope so!!

I've bought some new swim shorts especially for the occassion and I have attached an additional picture to show them off!

Let me know what you think!! They're not my usual flowery trunks but it's corporate afterall!

7 June 2010

Phase 2: Week 3

A slightly depressing week in terms of progress physically!
I haven't but on any weight and the only size increase is my shoulders!

I have decided that I'm just not eating enough!! Time to up the calorie intake to 30,000 calories a day...

I feel like the exercise programme is working though and strength gains are happening and I feel a lot denser muscle wise.

Keep plugging away!!



6 June 2010

Forward Thinking (and sneak preview)

This has been another eventful but reaffriming week.
Some terrible news regarding a wonderful friend put a dull tone to the sunshine that we were blessed with in the latter part of last week.

I bought a sofa for wherever I end up in the next few months and marks a step forward across the bridge to the next chapter.

I had a lovely comment from two good friends at the weekend who noticed I'd buffed up slightly and added some lean muscle which definitely acted as a confidence booster!

I rode a motorcycle for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have my direct access tests booked for mid July!

I've written down some pointers for a potential new role at the company I work for and have made some guidelines for myself and what I need in return to ensure I'm moving forward in my line of work!!

All seems quite positive on the "me" front but I can't help feeling slightly hollow still.

I'm missing something and the sensation of enjoyment isn't quite back yet.
That could be the pills that numb everything!

I got together with one of my favourite photographer friends Gaz (http://picsbygaz.com/) on Saturday before a party and did a shoot which has rekindled my love and passion for modelling!

I'm awaiting some images but comments so far have been positive on how good they look!!

I will update my progress tomorrow once I've got my weight and lift increases at the gym, but as a sneak preview as to the progress made so far, here's an extra picture!

1 June 2010

Phase 2: Week 2

It's been a more positive week mentally and physically with a great few days over the bank holiday visiting friends in Manchester and enjoying a very fun Eurovision party!!

Hopefully the rum hasn't given me too much of a set back...

In saying that though, I have made very little progress this week in terms of measurements, but I feel leaner and stronger!

I will be gymming today to update strength gains!

I have concentrated this week on the following exercises:

Close grip bench press
Decline Bench press

Dumbbell bent over row
Weighted Pull ups (I still need a proper dip / pull belt!)

Seated Shoulder press
Front lateral raises

Glute press type thing

My knee is still giving me gib and I am considering whether to speak to the GP. Another, thing to add to the list of medical problems ;-)
I have been able to do some weights on it though and feel that by doing this I could be potentially strenghthening the joing again.