25 May 2010

Phase 2: Week 1

This week has looked primarily at the following exercises from the bunch:

Bench Press
Incline Press

Dumbbell row
Lat pull down

Military press
Side lateral raises

Unfortunately, my knee isn't doing too well and thanks to some enthusiastic dancing it is quite sore and out of action ;-/ This isn't good as my legs are seriously lagging!!



Body area in inches---Start---Week 1
Biceps (not tensed)---11.5-----12
Biceps (tensed)-------14-------14
Waist at navel--------29-------29

Weight (kg)-----------61-------62


Mountains and Valleys

When Miley Cirus sang about the climb, she didn't mention the subsequent decents!
This weekend gone... hasn't been a great one! Despite having an excellent time in Brighton with good company and a liberating experience from a photoshoot, I still managed to find time to drift into my world of misery.

Sounds dramatic... maybe I am but hey, it's the gay gene coming through.
I thought I was making good progress, but the difficulty is not being prepared for every eventuality and when you are not expecting something, it seems to hit you worst.

I was faced with spending an evening with Mr A, who I still miss tremendously. Rather than a plesant evening chatting, I started asking questions and Mr A got irate and we argued. I subsequently cried my eyes out.

I'm having trouble dealing with a lot of issues and I am so grateful to all the support that is being given by good friends! The gym is certainly continuing to help as it did this evening!

The new moto is stop. think. learn. and I hope that this will carry through my work, my exercises, my friendships and my relationship with Mr A - whatever that may be in the future.

Right now though, it is still about me and spending quality time with myself and getting to know who I am again.

20 May 2010

What Workout To Do?

Gosh I'm having a struggle thinking about what to move forward on to!
I do love push / pull workouts and they have always given me good progress, but I've heard so many positive noises about full body workouts...

I think for the next four weeks, I'm going to put the following exercises into practice!

Close grip bench press
Decline bench press
Pec Fly
Close grip pull down
Dumbbell Row
Military Press
Side Lateral Raises
Arnold Press
Core work

IT seems like a lot though.
Intensity wise I want to be able to whiz round in a state of fatigue from rep 1.
I won't be going heavy weight wise and I think I will stick to a 3 x 6 sets and reps style.

If there are any suggestions on what could be best? Please hand them over!!

16 May 2010

Phase 2: Start

So, I have been to the gym the past few weeks and have made some progress. I just haven't monitored it!

Obviously that's going to change!!

Here is the starting point for Phase 2! I will write more on the exercise programme that is going to help boost me to new levels soon!



Wrists 7
Biceps (tensed) 14
Chest 41.5
Shoulders 45.5
Waist at navel 29
Thighs 19

Weight (kg) 61


Phase 2

A slight change in the regimen is probably required! Out with the old and in with something a little more appropriate!

So I was doing Push Pull workouts and I do love them, but they can be restrictive and I felt like I was over training.

I've always been a keen reader on the debate between splits and full bodies, I always feel like full body routines are the most affective for me and I think that for this next phase I would like to do an intensive Full body workout.

I am going to look at target exercises and lifts for strengh gains! This will help provide me with a marker for progress.

I'll add a spreadsheet in everyweek to give a run down on the lifts for each week. Primarily this will include; Squat, Barbell Bench Press, Shoulder Press and bent over dumbbell rows - Sets / reps / weights!

The format of the blog should stay the same - I will add pictures of side and back also as the front is not enough ;-)

Miley Cyrus was right - it IS the climb!

It's no secret, I've been through a rough start to 2010. It's time to take some control back!

The start to the last decade saw the devastating loss of my father and at the end of the decade another loss this time my Grandad! Funeral on New Year's Day 2010.

From then on, things were looking as though the new decade would be ok until I had more bad news when my partner decided our relationship needed to end.

I've been soul searching through counselling and support from good friends and family over the past two and a bit months and I'm back to a point where I feel I can get back into the blog and take this control!

Let's face it, I was miserable for nearly two years and it's one reason I lost so much weight in the first place!

We shall say that Phase 1 (or the first 9 weeks) is complete! Although, the achievements made were not spectacular, Phase 2 will be!

I've sort solace in the gym over the past three weeks now I'm back living in Yorkshire. I've treated my time in the weights room as a form of physical and mental therapy and this is how I would like Phase 2 to proceed.

I need to concentrate on me, inside and outside.

The outside is where it's at for Supersizechris and I will hope with all my energy to make progres on the outside to help with the progress on the inside.