7 March 2010

Measurements and Update: Week 9

This week has not been the greatest week physically or emotionally.
I am very drained and bankrupt / devoid of feeling. However, I've had a good few gym sessions when I've been able to use this blackhole to an advantage by pushing forward without fear.

Some lift milestones have been achieved with an incline chest press reaching 100kg of weight total for 5 reps after completing two sets previously with 90kg.

I also achieved three sets of 8 reps at 90kg on the chest press too.

I've never hit these weights before which gives sure indication that strength is increasing!

Outside of this, I reached 90kg of weight on the underhand pull down/ Keep in mind that I weigh just over 60kg and am therefore lifting more than my own body weight for this exercise!! The max I have ever done before is 75kg.

I am hoping that these lifts continue into week 10 and beyond.



Wrists - 7
Bicep (not tensed) - 11.5
Bicep (tensed) - 13.5
Chest - 41/5
Shoulders - 45
Waist at navel - 29
Thighs - 19.5

Weight - 62.1kg