8 September 2010

Midweek catch up

Watch out for Daisy's input...


  1. Hi, I just found your blog, and I am also trying to bulk up and cut body fat.
    I've also got excel sheets to track it, including the body fat target. Can I ask how you measure your stats?

    I zig zag my calories, so 2800 cals on one day, and 1300 on the next (rest lower intensity work out).
    Also what's your target? I read through but couldn't find anything. My height is 182 cm, and I've made 80kg and 10% BF as mine. I'm at 70kg@17% so quite a way to go :)

    I haven't incorporated cardio much, but I will do it. My phase 1 begins this monday, after more than a couple of months off the gym.

    About your knees, I got a book "The Insider’s Tell-All Handbook On
    Weight-Training Technique" which talks about form. I realised it's really easy to go wrong on form, you probably know this already, but double check your form.

    PS: Congrats on the getting your license!


  2. Hi James!

    I measure my stats by using a tape measure that pulls together to give a more accurate reading and I have another person help me take the readings!

    I constantly eat rather than having low calorie days as having low body fat isn't that important to me right now and I'm just going for bulk. It's fortunate that for some reason I am maintaining a lean physique at the same time.

    I don't have a specific end goal but I am hoping to reach 70kg in lean muscle by the end of this year.

    I also have my body stats measure at the gym by an instructor every month.

    Form isn't the issue with my knees - although it can't help when form is wrong! I damaged my left knee and it does not sit in the right place any more. It makes it difficult to load heavy weights too much but I feel it's getting better the more I work it ( as one should expect! )

    Are you blogging your progress at all? I'd be interested to keep tabs on how you get on!!

    Good luck with Phase 1 :-)

    PS thanks!! - I bought a bike yesterday! Can't wait to ride it!

    Chris B