11 August 2010

Selecting a workout...

I've been asked by a few people now on how I go about choosing and putting together a workout!

Well, the answer is simple and possibly somewhat controversial!
I make it up...

I've read so many articles and plans and searched different exercises but always find myself coming back to the core exercises and building a workout plan on what works for me!

It's all down to experiencing the gym and taking in what's around you and what you can do!

Of course, if you're looking to get started, it can be a mine field and knowing what is specifically good for you in the start is mins boggling and not helpful for getting faster and more rewarding results.

So, as a useful bit of information, I've compiled a list of tools that I would recommend using for training and diet planning.

These should be used as a guide only and doing things at your own pace and what you feel comfortable and enjoying doing should be primary!!

Gold's Gym Muscle Selector

Exercise Prescription

Maximuscle Training

Maximuscle Meal Planner

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