22 August 2010

Phase 3

I've been reading some internet forums and articles at bodybuilding.com
Legs for me  weak and really could do with a boost to get to a good level!

They have made progress in becoming firmer, tighter and more powerful, despite the issues faced with my knee troubles!

I would like them to grow though and to do that I need to shock them!!

From what I understand, a good way to do this is to perform 20 rep sets and really push them to burn. That is my intention this time in phase 3 as I have been reassured that growth and overall strength should increase by doing this type of workout format.

I have done a mix and match workout though with some 2 x 20s and some 5 x 5. The intention is to continue lifting comfortably heavy and we'll see how it goes.

The plan has been split into four workouts again and I intend on doing 15 minutes of running or cycling after each workout!

Cardio is important still!!

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