3 August 2010

Phase 2: Week 11

In all seriousness, friends, family, daisy and the gym are the things that are keeping me going right now!
A dreadful week at work has left me feeling less than inspired and in a distraught state.

Not to let myself be down, I went out at the weekend and purchased a book - "How to be happier".
I'm through to chapter 4 already and have gained some useful and happy insight in how to push forward and not be as negative.

I've started with one sign saying - No negativity, positive thoughts only. I am showing this to anyone at work that is even the slightest bit negative. I'm also trying not to let negative emotions and thought processes wear me down.

Positivity in mind, in spirit and in body! - IT's all new age hippy here kiddies!
I've even gone as far to venture into the domain of lycra clad women to trial pilates...
I think this will help remove excess frustration and tension and increase the flexibility I would like to get back.

I am making good progress with strength in the gym which I am sure will be shown in Friday's strength update! I am impressing myself with some of the gymnastic-esque moves I'm performing and I am hoping to get videos of these to prove to my future self that I could actually do this stuff at one stage in my life!

It's quickly approaching my 27th birthday too! I am heading to Brighton pride for the weekend and would ask anyone that is going to be in the area to let me know!!


Body shots...

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