15 August 2010

Phase 2: The end (Week 13)

Lots to catch up on in the final post within the scope of Phase 2!!

This has been a long three months and I've come another great distance from starting point to finish!!

Weight has increased, strength has increased, body fat has stayed minimal and the hunger has grown also.

I tried D-aspartic acid for 12 days and cannot really report much on whether this worked or not. I certainly have increased strength but was this due to the product or not? It's hard to say!!

I've got to the half way point of my weight target of 70kg of lean weight! I am happy about that and to ensure that this is not due to the clothes I'm wearing or a full bladder, I have actually been weighing myself every day and I've consistently been just over 65kg on the scales!

Very happy with that.

Next week is the wedding on the year (in our family at least so far this year...) I will be taking a break from the gym for the next week and will be back on the following Monday (23rd) with a light week on the build up to the bank holiday weekend.

September will then see a new workout implemented for the final push to 70kg!! I am hoping that eating a lot in December will do this!! And obviously, before December I plan to eat alot too!

My weak parts are legs generally and the next period will look at a four week rotation for certain body parts so that they will have more focus during each week to hopefully spike some additional growth. We'll see how that pans out!

Now, to update at the end of this phase then!

I am extremely happy with the progress and how I am looking right now!! If I didn't have this niggle to reach 70kg again then I would probably stop and just maintain!! That wouldn't be much fun for all those that read the blog and want to follow the progression though!!




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  1. Looking in great shape pal, just been catching up on your blog after being away for a week, loving it.