17 August 2010

Here comes the science bit...

I had a health check and body composition test yesterday!

After finishing a 10k run in 59:53 during lunch break yesterday with colleagues from work, I was feeling pretty darn motivated.

Getting the results from the bodycheck just boslstered my motivation!! Which, is a shame really as I'm going to have a week off this week as you all know!

I will be updating the body composition every month as I feel it's another useful tool im measuring progress and is a little more official than my stats I suppose!

My measurements are pretty inspiring for me. I've managed to keep low body fat at 7.6%.
This gives me confidence that I can be a little less frugal with calories in the coming phases.
It's also interesting to get an idea of my BMR which is actually quite high and explains the leaness I can achieve.

Sorry everyone!

It does mean that I can plan accordingly to try and add 2lbs of body weight / muscle per week by counting more stringently the calories and when I begin working out the workout for phase 3 I will be doing a very thorough meal plan!

Body stat 1500...

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  1. hey chris, i have just finshed reading your, blog and it has really helped to inspire me to do the same, is there any chance that you let me know what you meal plan was it would be most greatful. Good look with the maximuscle comp