8 August 2010

Brighton, Builders, Birthday!

Prepare for a fitness update in a short while but first...

What a weekend!
So much fun has been had and a positive start to the new week is definitely on the cards.

If you didn't already know, today is my birthday - I am 27!
On Friday, I took home made cake to work - Sponge filled with mascarpone and fresh raspberries, chocolate sponge with ginger and chocolate butter cream and a dark chocolate and coffee cake!
I then took Daisy for her weekend holiday with the Collies (6 of them) and headed to Sheffield where I started on a road trip to Brighton with my good friend Mr Lawyer!

4 hours later and I was in Worthing with the cheif Buff Builder (buffbuilders.co.uk).
As part of my weekend celebration I promised in my good nature to help the Buff Builders ticket and drum up support at pride!! A great way to spend pride in all seriousness as I was with good friends, had an excuse to be shirtless and had a safe and friendly place to stay!

Much fun was had and it was a great distraction for me and I am so thankful to everyone for making me feel extra happy!! The sun even shone for me!!

Here's a little bit of flesh to give you a taste of the weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday,enjoying the blog! Awesome pull ups!