15 July 2010

Strength - End of Week 8

I've now been supplementing the D-aspartic acid for 4 days out of the 12 day recommended cycling - nothing apparent has happened that I can tell, but, it's hard to make any judgements without knowing what to expect!

I have decided the most appropriate way to keep track of strength gains now is to document the number of sets and reps I am completing in the new split regime.

I am still not a huge fan of split workouts! I just don't feel like I am working hard enough when I quite obviously am!

Today is the end of Week 8 and in terms of exercises as I have completed the three planned sessions!

I will do a full update as usual on Sunday but for now, here is a new chart format with all my weights for comparison over the next 7 weeks!

Lift spreadsheet...


  1. Hi Chris, just wanted to say I am enjoying reading your blog. I'm trying to get one together myself but I'm a way behind you at the start regarding conditioning.

    Keep up the good work & blogging!

  2. Thanks Paul!!
    As soon as you get the blog set up, please do let me know as I am always interested to follow others on a mission!!