20 July 2010

Phase 2: Week 9

I'm feeling ever more motivated to continue and push to the limit with compliments from the gym, from friends and now from other bloggers!

I do feel in a good place body wise and should note that I am actually happy with the achievements made (pats self on back)

But... we can go further! Now is not the time to relax and maintain!

I'm possibly reaching a plateau and by the end of phase 2, I hope to be able to fully recognise if this has happened. This will then give me an idea of what to push for in Phase 3 after a well deserved two week rest from exercise!

It's always good to have a break!

As this is the first week of the half split routine, I'm not expecting much and I have been enjoying it, now I've gotten used to not feeling achey ALL over and just in certain areas!

I also want to lose the fear of being bulky and not lean! I think this will then help me increase food intake even more without anxiety about losing the abs! I can get them back with some work!!




  1. I just wanted to say thank you, after finding your blog and seeing what serious dedication can do I am now more committed to working out than ever. What you are striving for is what I also want to become.

  2. Thanks so much!!
    It's good to hear others are finding confidence to push for goals from this!!

    If you want advice or a sounding board for ideas, please do get in contact!!

    Chris B