11 July 2010

Phase 2: Week 8

So it's been slow going in my opinion but progress is certainly being made!
As we're now in the second half of Phase 2, I believe a picture recap is in order to see what (if any) visible progress has been made!!

I certainly feel fuller and stronger and happier within myself! Always a plus point!

Of course, we are missing week 5 from the picture array, but we go from the beginning of Phase 2 through to the beginning of Week 8!

To me, I feel like I've filled out around my shoulders and chest mostly! Also, the definition has been relatively easily kept, but I suppose that is down to lack of nosh being thrown down my neck to truly bulk!!

That should change in the second half!

The nice thing about this week is that I tipped 64kg on the scale and I was very nearly on 65kg but the sceptic in me thought this could be water in the body so I don't want to push it!!

I'm certainly optimistic about hitting the 70kg in the next two months!!




  1. 3 kg in 8 weeks is pretty impressive mate, good luck increasing that even further, i'm at 83.5kg and really struggling to put any more weight on. how tall are you btw?

  2. Thanks Paul :-)

    I feel like things are going slowly, but you're quite right 3kg in 8 weeks works out at just under 1lb of muscle per week which is a good place to start! And this is lean muscle - as far as I can tell!!

    I am 5' 7" for reference!