5 July 2010

Phase 2: Week 7

What an amazing week this has been!!
So much fun has been had and I feel really good.
Had a minor cry at work on Tuesday in front of my boss. Good times. But, I'm so on track right now it's unbelieveable!!

London pride was held over the weekend and being with good friends in the sunshine (with a free bar) was just what the Dr ordered!! Some me time for sure!

I've also got a new tattoo that was so well received by the gays it's not even funny! So good!!

Gym wise, I've pushed so hard this week and have been getting the strength back to the point where I can now do two sets of 6 reps on one handed pull ups!!

Today, I even managed to impress two of the instructors... I've asked them to get some proper rings into the gym as they are a great way to train as my friends Greg and Finn know!


Body Shot...

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