25 July 2010

Phase 2: Week 10

This blog is being written while listening to Alicia Keys, Unthinkable (I'm ready)
A truly beautiful song that for me, has a different meaning.

I am getting to grips with life and continue to push this workout blog with passion and zeal.
The feedback has been great this week from people who are inspired, motivated, impressed and wanting to make a new start for the pursuit of healthy lives.

On the flip side, My mental health is not as positive again this post. I can't quite put my finger on the problem still. I will get to it and once I do, I'll tackle it!!

Fitness wise, this week has been a mixed bag. After chatting with DJ ZB, I may add in an extra leg work out to the split as I feel they are not getting worked half as much as they should. I also feel like I am not working hard enough... This is matched with a sense of underachieveing this week!!

I will stick with this until week 14 as planned with a few tweaks in week 12 if needed. After that, a complete review of where I am and what is needed!!

If you check out Attitude Active magazine this week, on pg 21, you will find me and the advice given on nutrition!!


Body shot...


  1. Hey Chris, still looking good! Hope you are eating enough.

    My mental health is a bit crap these days but I tend to focus now not on being positive so much as just ignoring bad thoughts. It sort of works!
    You have to believe that things *will* get better though and it's just a matter of keeping time until they do.

  2. Thanks Gubes!!
    Probably not eating enough...
    I'm always hungry though, so that's a bonus!!

    I will try to ignore the bad bits as you suggest :-) x

  3. Keep ya chin up Chris, you look fabulous and have made spectacular gains this year. Told you before to really look after yourself, and be a bit selfish.. Take 2010 as me-time and come out fighting in 2011 with a fabulous physique and a more settled and assured stated of mind.. The pain and emotions will subside with time..

    Peace and love, always xxx

  4. Are you an aussiebums model now? ;)

    Hang in there...