11 July 2010

The next Half of Phase 2!

I want to split out my workout again.
Fullbody work outs are great and have a place in my heart, but, it's time to get serious as pervious posts suggest!

I've debated over whether to hit a push pull workout or to go for a tru split...
I still can't decide what the best option would be but I am going to try a 3 day split!

I want to train legs and back, shoulders and arms, chest and core.

I think this would give me plenty of chance to add volume and weight into the regime to help increase strength and size.

I would perform  4 to 5 exercises per group so ten in total (apart from core) keeping sets and reps low to not overtrain.

Training shoulders and arms separately to chest and back will also give them a much needed push to help with the gymnastics strength and continuation of ability in that domain.

My suggestion here then is to have a workout as follows:

leg press
Leg push back
Dead lift
Leg Curl

lat pull down
seated row
weighted chins
reverse flyes

military press
front lat raises
cable pull
shoulder press

Ez bar curl
hammer curl
tricep extension

decline press
cable flyes
narrow grip flat bench press
press up

Leg raises
swiss ball crunch

I'm hoping this will be sufficient - any thoughts are always appreciated!

Extra shot...


  1. Speaking from someone who also works out (sort of), do you find you're - almost - peaking?

  2. Yes, I do feel like I'm beginning to plateau and it's worrying!!

    I've got much further to go and I think changing my angle and constantly eating will push through the barrier!

  3. That reminds me... Was that you I saw on the cover of Attitude with Kylie? :)

  4. my little action figure,
    great shape as always, will talk about your routine later today if your around, maybe a few modifications, can you fit it all into an hour?
    Will give you an idea of how my session plans go, might take some pointers...

    speak soon, i'm adding another hours sleep having just cleaned up a massive pile of doggy sick from my bed sheets, poor mite.

  5. Ha :-) funnily enough! I look like a Ken doll at the moment - I had a polaroid shot down at Azza's shoot and I seriously look like a manikin!

    I'll give you a call later to chat!
    I can fit it all in to an hour just but I have to work quickly - which is great for keeping the heart rate up and I presume good for strength as I battle throught he fatigue with heavy weights!

    Daisy was sick on Sunday :-/ too much barbeque food! At least she did it outside... x