30 July 2010

A drop in the ocean!

This week, my mind has been plagued with negativity. Work. Life. Future. Past. Present.
What I really need is a new brain that doesn't constantly think and over process information into micro managed segments!

I think if this were to happen I'd actually be able to get to grips with the base problems and may make depression easier to deal with!

I'm enlisting with a new shrink. It's time to get back to thinking about just what this is all about!
So many times people have said "time is a great healer" and this is true, but I feel like I'm quickly running out of it and I've had 10 years to process and work through!

I'm dedicating this post to my Dad who would have celebrated his 54th Birthday this Thursday just gone.
This August 30th is the 10th anniversary of his death and I will be remembering and trying to take comfort in the knowledge that I should have made him proud with the achievements I've made.

Now, I just need to make myself proud of the achievements I've made! ;-)


  1. I just found your blog. It's tough to lose one's father that young. Here I have been regretting that my father died when I was 31. It could have been much worse. But more important than the time is the quality of the person. Better to have 20 years with a good man than 60 with a dishonorable lout.

    When you look around and see how many guys let themselves turn into vats of lard, your dedication to keeping in shape is really impressive. I believe that your Dad is aware of your life and is proud of you.

  2. Thanks so much John!
    That's a lovely comment :-)
    And you make some very good points!! x