23 July 2010

Dirty Laundry

I have been on holiday this week. Well, off work!
My week started so well, with a party weekend in Manchester with B and J. So much fun was had and it was good to chat and catch up with good friends on the same level.

I had a very good heart to heart with B and made some progress.

However, that has got me to thinking for the rest of the week just gone...
Not a good state and by Thursday the tears were truly falling again.

I am not a happy bunny. After all the positivity of the past few weeks, I think the cycle is back at the relatively shallow bottom trough and it's hitting me harder than I would like.

What am I unhappy about? Well, that is a good question!
I am not overly sure!! Work, ex, me, direction, life and quite possibly the huge sense of distance I feel with reality.

I am coming to the conclusion that I need some space for me. I cannot stand the ultimate pressure I keep putting on me and that others keep exerting too.

I am not over certain things and I really do need some time to give myself enough clarification over them.

The only problem I face is actually having the me time and using it successfully.

Life is not that bad, I just need to make some adjustments and give up trying.
New direction and new interests!!

So here is to clean laundry and ironed creases!

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