1 June 2010

Phase 2: Week 2

It's been a more positive week mentally and physically with a great few days over the bank holiday visiting friends in Manchester and enjoying a very fun Eurovision party!!

Hopefully the rum hasn't given me too much of a set back...

In saying that though, I have made very little progress this week in terms of measurements, but I feel leaner and stronger!

I will be gymming today to update strength gains!

I have concentrated this week on the following exercises:

Close grip bench press
Decline Bench press

Dumbbell bent over row
Weighted Pull ups (I still need a proper dip / pull belt!)

Seated Shoulder press
Front lateral raises

Glute press type thing

My knee is still giving me gib and I am considering whether to speak to the GP. Another, thing to add to the list of medical problems ;-)
I have been able to do some weights on it though and feel that by doing this I could be potentially strenghthening the joing again.



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