6 June 2010

Forward Thinking (and sneak preview)

This has been another eventful but reaffriming week.
Some terrible news regarding a wonderful friend put a dull tone to the sunshine that we were blessed with in the latter part of last week.

I bought a sofa for wherever I end up in the next few months and marks a step forward across the bridge to the next chapter.

I had a lovely comment from two good friends at the weekend who noticed I'd buffed up slightly and added some lean muscle which definitely acted as a confidence booster!

I rode a motorcycle for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have my direct access tests booked for mid July!

I've written down some pointers for a potential new role at the company I work for and have made some guidelines for myself and what I need in return to ensure I'm moving forward in my line of work!!

All seems quite positive on the "me" front but I can't help feeling slightly hollow still.

I'm missing something and the sensation of enjoyment isn't quite back yet.
That could be the pills that numb everything!

I got together with one of my favourite photographer friends Gaz (http://picsbygaz.com/) on Saturday before a party and did a shoot which has rekindled my love and passion for modelling!

I'm awaiting some images but comments so far have been positive on how good they look!!

I will update my progress tomorrow once I've got my weight and lift increases at the gym, but as a sneak preview as to the progress made so far, here's an extra picture!


  1. Mate, you're looking good. I need some tips on core exercises if you care to share - your abs are looking hard in that photo and it's where I want to get to. Can't find an email addy for you on here anywhere!

  2. slurp!!
    as i told you already, looking in very good nick!
    keep it up x x

  3. Hola! Thanks Burns ;-) xx

    You can email me at christopher.bailey@hotmail.co.uk for any questions and I will try to answer!