14 June 2010

Beach Ready?

This has ben such a fun week for me!
I'm feelin g a lot more positive after a trip to the Drs and a counselling session. Things appear to be on the up! My anxiety levels are down and depression rating has dropped slightly too.

I've spend most of this week meeting friends, having dinner, walking Daisy and wandering around York!

I unfortunately did not find anything of interest (or within budget) to purchase in the Vivienne Westwood Sale despite having an extra 10% reduction mailer sent to my mums house for being a loyal customer! Well, one purchase in seven years could be considered loyal!!

In a weeks time, I will be hitting the beach, bar and conference room at a hotel in Spain where the half yearly sales conference for my department will be held! I am hoping that I am beach ready as our team building event looks like it will be held in the sea and on the beach... possibly building a raft?? Let's hope so!!

I've bought some new swim shorts especially for the occassion and I have attached an additional picture to show them off!

Let me know what you think!! They're not my usual flowery trunks but it's corporate afterall!


  1. i think you should do your team building task in your pink speedos :)

  2. :-) oh really? I may take them with me and see how I feel on the day!! (If I'm tipsy enough, they may just be on parade!)