20 May 2010

What Workout To Do?

Gosh I'm having a struggle thinking about what to move forward on to!
I do love push / pull workouts and they have always given me good progress, but I've heard so many positive noises about full body workouts...

I think for the next four weeks, I'm going to put the following exercises into practice!

Close grip bench press
Decline bench press
Pec Fly
Close grip pull down
Dumbbell Row
Military Press
Side Lateral Raises
Arnold Press
Core work

IT seems like a lot though.
Intensity wise I want to be able to whiz round in a state of fatigue from rep 1.
I won't be going heavy weight wise and I think I will stick to a 3 x 6 sets and reps style.

If there are any suggestions on what could be best? Please hand them over!!

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