16 May 2010

Phase 2

A slight change in the regimen is probably required! Out with the old and in with something a little more appropriate!

So I was doing Push Pull workouts and I do love them, but they can be restrictive and I felt like I was over training.

I've always been a keen reader on the debate between splits and full bodies, I always feel like full body routines are the most affective for me and I think that for this next phase I would like to do an intensive Full body workout.

I am going to look at target exercises and lifts for strengh gains! This will help provide me with a marker for progress.

I'll add a spreadsheet in everyweek to give a run down on the lifts for each week. Primarily this will include; Squat, Barbell Bench Press, Shoulder Press and bent over dumbbell rows - Sets / reps / weights!

The format of the blog should stay the same - I will add pictures of side and back also as the front is not enough ;-)

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