25 May 2010

Mountains and Valleys

When Miley Cirus sang about the climb, she didn't mention the subsequent decents!
This weekend gone... hasn't been a great one! Despite having an excellent time in Brighton with good company and a liberating experience from a photoshoot, I still managed to find time to drift into my world of misery.

Sounds dramatic... maybe I am but hey, it's the gay gene coming through.
I thought I was making good progress, but the difficulty is not being prepared for every eventuality and when you are not expecting something, it seems to hit you worst.

I was faced with spending an evening with Mr A, who I still miss tremendously. Rather than a plesant evening chatting, I started asking questions and Mr A got irate and we argued. I subsequently cried my eyes out.

I'm having trouble dealing with a lot of issues and I am so grateful to all the support that is being given by good friends! The gym is certainly continuing to help as it did this evening!

The new moto is stop. think. learn. and I hope that this will carry through my work, my exercises, my friendships and my relationship with Mr A - whatever that may be in the future.

Right now though, it is still about me and spending quality time with myself and getting to know who I am again.

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