16 May 2010

Miley Cyrus was right - it IS the climb!

It's no secret, I've been through a rough start to 2010. It's time to take some control back!

The start to the last decade saw the devastating loss of my father and at the end of the decade another loss this time my Grandad! Funeral on New Year's Day 2010.

From then on, things were looking as though the new decade would be ok until I had more bad news when my partner decided our relationship needed to end.

I've been soul searching through counselling and support from good friends and family over the past two and a bit months and I'm back to a point where I feel I can get back into the blog and take this control!

Let's face it, I was miserable for nearly two years and it's one reason I lost so much weight in the first place!

We shall say that Phase 1 (or the first 9 weeks) is complete! Although, the achievements made were not spectacular, Phase 2 will be!

I've sort solace in the gym over the past three weeks now I'm back living in Yorkshire. I've treated my time in the weights room as a form of physical and mental therapy and this is how I would like Phase 2 to proceed.

I need to concentrate on me, inside and outside.

The outside is where it's at for Supersizechris and I will hope with all my energy to make progres on the outside to help with the progress on the inside.

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  1. a definate post for self motivation, i believe you'll get the results you want, best of luck...Be the beast!!