13 February 2010

Week 6 Session 1 and 2

Week 6 has been a mixed bag! After still recovering from the beast session on Saturday end of Week 5, I've nto really had the strength to lift!!

Also, I've been on the road with work with limited access to the gym!

I've ammended the workout slightly too to add in more manageable exercises!


Front squat (to floor) - 10kg plus bar
Leg Extension - 50kg

Bench Press - 30kg plus bar
Wide Grip Chest Press - 40kg total

Squats - 60kg plus bar
Leg Press - 120kg

Incline Bench Press - 30kg plus bar
Dips - bodyweight

Shoulder Press - 30kg total
Barbell front lateral raise - olympic bar on it's own.

Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension - 18kg dumbbell (just one!)
Close Grip Bench Press - 20kg plus bar total


Close Grip Chin Up - bodyweight (easy peasy warm up)
Underhand Lat Pull Down - 60kg

Straight back deadlift - 30kg plus bar (i'm still not comfortable doing these)
Lying leg curl - 40kg

Seated Row Narrow Grip - 45kg
Lying prone bench rows - 20kg dumbbells

Lateral Raise - 9kg dumbbells
Dumbbell Side Raise - 15kg dumbbells

Ez Bar Curl - 20kg plus bar
Incline dumbbell curl - 10kg dumbbells

Shrug - 50kg plus bar (use a smith machine for stability)

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