5 February 2010

Sessions for Week 5

Apologies one and all! This week has been busy on the work front...

I will compound the four gym session this week into one summary of what I did and will obviously update on Sunday!!

I have a potential gym session planned for Saturday after a photoshoot in London.

As you well know, week 5 through week 8 is based on a more intense Push / Pull workout and I will split up the summary into the push and the pull separately!


Barbell Lunge - 30kg plus bar - i find stability is an issue on these!
Leg Extension - 50kg (trying hard to get to 55kg)

Bench Press - 40kg plus bar
Wide Grip Chest Press - 50kg

Squats - 50kg plus bar (i've been trying different stances to take pressure of my knee but so far it's just awkward)
Leg Press - 120kg

Incline Bench Press - 30 kg plus bar
Dips - bodyweight (which is surprisingly difficult after everything else!)

Shoulder Press - 30kg total
Barbell front lateral raise - olympic bar on it's own. (stability is another issue here!)

Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension - 18kg dumbbell (just one!)
Close Grip Bench Press - 20kg plus bar total


Close Grip Chin Up - bodyweight (easy peasy warm up)
Underhand Lat Pull Down - 70kg

Straight back deadlift - 30kg plus bar (i'm still not comfortable doing these)
Lying leg curl - 35kg

Seated Row Narrow Grip - 45kg
Bent Over Row - 22.5kg dumbbell

Lateral Raise - 8kg dumbbells
Dumbbell Side Raise - 15kg dumbbells

Ez Bar Curl - 20kg plus bar
Incline dumbbell curl - 10kg dumbbells

Shrug - 50kg plus bar (use a smith machine for stability)

Hanging knee raise - bodyweight

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