28 February 2010

Measurements and Update: Week 8

You might be wondering where week 7 went...
That week we'll take as a bust and a rest week due to my lack of enthusiam to go to the gym after work and also being out of the office all week!!

Week 8 has been a vast improvement on those come before interms of weights being lifted and my ability to get to the end of sets and pushing through the fatigue.

notable gains in lifts are with the following:

Incline bench press - 80kg total
Leg extension - 65kg total
underhand pull down - 90kg total (way over my body weight!!)

I will be more proactive in pushing in Week 9 where I am also due a shake up for the final four weeks of this first 12 week programme.

More details on my workout will follow on Monday.



Wrists - 7
Bicep (not tensed) - 12
Bicep (tensed) - 13.5
Chest - 41
Shoulders - 45
Waist at navel - 29
Thighs - 19.5

Weight - 61.6kg


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