7 February 2010

Beast Session!!

As an extra "treat", I requested an impromptu beasting with my good man Mr S. You may recall I had a workout around three weeks ago focussing on arms and abs!

This time, we concentrated on Chest and Back giving as much targetting of each muscle group as possible.

We also followed the regime prescribed by Mr S' mental PT!
This follows a super set workout with 3 exercises per set with 6 reps pr exercise in an ABA pattern.

I have never felt so fatigued after each set as with this set up and for that, I think MR S and his crazy ass PT!

The exercises themselves concentrate on ensureing full movement and a steady negative count of 4 seconds.

Super set exercises and weights were as follows:

Barbell Bench Press - 60kg total
Pec Fly - 18kg dumbbells
Barbell Bench Press - 60kg total

Narrow grip chin up - bodyweight (fine for the first set and then it gets tougher!)
Incline prone dumbbell row - 18kg dumbbells
Narrow grip chin up - bodyweight

Assistance was definitely needed for the chin ups on the last group... SO TOUGH!!

Wide grip cable seated row - 35kg
Flat cable bicep curl (where you lay on the floor) - 35kg
Wide grip cable seated row - 35kg

Unfortunately, we had to cut this short as the gym was about to close :-(

Although, I didn't need any other exercises as I was so pumped and worked!!

Very good work out and I would recommend this type of programme to anyone wanting to increase lean muscle and strength!

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