31 January 2010

Weeks 5 through 8

So I've had a think...
Do not be shocked by the creativity and innovation here...

The plan is to continue with a push pull workout! (I love them so).
This time, I will add more exercises, reduce the sets and decrease the weight to give a medium push.

Note however, I will not be lowering the weight so that there is little affect. The aim for these next weeks is to add volume to the workout to target and faigue the muscles as much as possible.

This (I hope) will increase endurance, shape and strength while also possibly helping to add inches.

The next four weeks will set up the final four weeks of the 1st quarter where I will up intensity and weight to really push for it.

Workout One

Quads warm up
Barbell Lunge
Leg Extension

General Chest
Incline Bench Press
Wide Grip Chest Press

Leg Press

Upper Chest
Incline Bench Press

Front Deltoid
Shoulder Press
Barbell front lateral raise

Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension
Close Grip Bench Press

Workout Two

Close Grip Chin Up
Underhand Lat Pull Down

Straight back deadlift
Lying leg curl

Seated Row Narrow Grip
Bent Over Row

Side Deltoid
Lateral Raise
Dumbbell Side Raise

Ez Bar Curl
Incline dumbbell curl


Hanging knee raise

I will carry out 3 sets of 8 reps with little break in between each exercise set.
Each rep will be completely slowly over a count rather than a vigorous push through ;-)

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