1 January 2010

Second Session: PW2

A little late due to all of the New Year festivities!
You will all be happy to know I did not over do it... too much!

To fill you in on my work out the day before New Years Eve, I continued with the augmented workout set out in the last blog with the following exercises and weights:

Seated Row - 45kg
Pull up - body weight

Leg Extension - 40kg total
Leg Press - 100kg total

Chest Press - 50kg total
Narrow Grip Bench Press - 30kg plus bar

Shoulder Press - 45kg total
Lateral Raise - 8kg dumbbell

Ez bar curl on cable machine - 20kg total
Knee raises - body weight

One more session tomorrow in PW2 and then an update on Sunday before moving into Week 1 and the start of something big!

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