24 January 2010

Measurements: Week 3

This week really should be written off!
Due to being in France from Monday through Thursday, I failed to have a proper session in this period and had to settle for a quick and light workout at the hotel gym!

Thankfully, the workouts completed on Friday and Saturday made up for this!

On Friday, I concentrated on chest, back and legs to make up for lost time!
In general, I picked three exercises per body area.

Saturdays workout, I joined forces with my good friend Mr S, who basically set out to kill me!

We did triceps, biceps and stomach with supersets in an ABA pattern.
I tell you, my arms hurt today and I hope that the intensity stays with me over week 4 for the last leg of my heavy lifting on core body parts.

Thanks Mr S!


Just to note on this, my weight has gone down slightly. I'm not worried and I am expecting fluctuations but I hope that it continues to increase over the next week and into the next phase of the 12 week work out.

Break down...

Wrists - 6.75
Bicep (not tensed) - 11.5
Bicep (tensed) - 13.5
Chest - 40
Shoulders - 45
Waist at navel - 29
Thighs - 19.5

Weight - 61kg

Body Shot...

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