17 January 2010

Measurements: Week 2

This has been a good week for me. I have missed one of four sessions due to rehearsals for a concert. I wanted to avert this as next week will be bad as I'm in France from Monday until Thursday evening!!

There isn't a gym at the hotel as far as I can tell either!!
The good thing is that there will be plenty of food which means I can get stuck in and refuel for Week 4 and a training session with my pump buddy on Saturday!

I feel that I have made some good gains in strength and I am pleased with how my weight and inches are progressing. Obviously, things could always go a little quicke but I still have the patience and will see this through to week 12!


Break down...

Wrists - 6.5
Bicep (not tensed) - 11.5
Bicep (tensed) - 13.5
Chest - 40
Shoulders - 45
Waist at Navel - 29
Thighs - 19.5

Weight - 61.5kg

Body shot...

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  1. You are looking visibly bigger already! Well done :)