10 January 2010

Measurements: Week 1

So I’ve come to the end of Week 1!

This week has been fun! Again, we’ve had the upset of snow meaning I’ve only made 3 of my 4 scheduled workouts!
I will be under taking a Push – Pull workout style over the next 4 weeks.

This will consist of two workouts with the following pattern

Workout A - Push
Front Deltoids

Workout B – Pull
Rear Deltoids

I will mix up the exercises using a variety of lifts with the concept of two exercises per body part with 4 sets of 6 reps – heavy weights.

Now that I am comfortable lifting again, I will hope to progress with weight increases to get a comfortable lifting weight. I imagine that the first four weeks will mostly be building strength with very little muscle increases.


Not much progress this week, but it’s early days and I’m hopefully that by the end of week 12 some changes will have occurred!

Break down...

Wrists - 6.5
Biceps (not tensed) – 11.5
Biceps (tensed) - 13
Chest - 39
Shoulders - 44
Waist at Navel - 29
Thighs - 19

Weight - 60.5 kg

Body Shot...

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