4 January 2010

Measurements: PW2

So I am now at the end of the second prep week and will start to put together a plan of action for the actual workout regime, week 1 through 12.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I only managed two gym sessions within PW2.
This was not really acceptable to me, and in week 1 I will aim to push hard and make up for lost sessions!


Break Down...

Wrists - 6.5
Biceps (not tensed) - 11
Biceps (tensed) - 13
Chest - 38.5
Shoulders - 44
Waist at Navel - 29
Thighs - 19

Weight - 60.5 kg


To give some general feed back. I am pleased with some of the initial gains that were unexpected in the prep weeks!

My aim for the past two weeks was literally to just put together a plan to ensure my muscles and joints were ready for the mammoth slog that will happen over the next quarter. This has been achieved!


  1. Fabulous boxers! Have you switched to a weekly update now? Hope the progress continues... Happy New Year to you both..

  2. Happy NEw Year Jo :-D

    No, I will do an update after each workout. Last week was slightly slack on the blog front with it being the first week back at work!