13 January 2010

First and Second Session Week 2

This Push pull workout that i have embarked on is really good frme. I'm enjoying the mix and feel noticeably pumped and tight (also tired!!)

I've now completed the first set of push and pull workouts for week 2 and will have to squeeze the next two on Thursday and Friday due to this weekends concert!

Remember, I am still following a 4 set 6 rep scheme.

First Session I completed the following lifts and weights:

Chest Press - 60kg
Narrow Grip incline bench press - 30kg plus bar (I find this exercise a struggle!)

Shoulder Press - 50kg
cable front lateral raise - 10kg

Squats - 50kg plus bar
Leg extension - 45kg

Tricep push down - 30kg
Hanging knee raises - bodyweight

In the second session, I completed these weights and lifts:

Deadlifts - 30kg plus bar (another exercise I struggle with)
Leg Curl - 35kg (this hurt my knees while performing so I may look at doing something else)

Seated Row - 50kg
Lat pull down - 55kg

Shrugs - 50kgs plus bar
Side lateral raises - 6kg dumb bell

Hanging knee raises - bodyweight
Bicep Curls - 13kg dumbbells

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