28 December 2009

First Session PW2

I'm now moving into the second of the prep weeks.
This week may be a bit touch and go gym wise as we have bank holidays galore and reduced opening hours!

Although, I did get motivated today to put in the first session for PW2!

PW2 is a continuation of PW1 with some augmentation!

I will continue with the core excercises, which are being included to ensure my muscles get used to lifting again. On top of the core body parts I will now add in auxiliary and stabilising muscle groups.

This will hopefully give the best starting point when the full regime starts next week!

The exercises I'm looking to add in are as follows:

Shoulder press
Lateral raise

Pull over
Decline bench press

Knee raise

The routine it self will not change. I will continue the two exercises per body area and then add in two exercises from the above.

In todays session I did the following exercises and weights:

Squats - 80kg including bar
leg extension - 40kg

bench press - 40kg plus bar
chest press - 50kg total

seated row - 40kg

shoulder press - 40kg
lat raise - 10kg dumbbells

knee raise - bodyweight

27 December 2009

Measurements: PW1

Today is Sunday and the end of PW1 and start of PW2.

Below you will find my stats - I am quite surprised and also happy with them. We'll see what happens over the next week!


Break Down...

Body part in inches PW1

Wrists 6.5
Biceps (not tensed) 11
Biceps (tensed) 13
Chest 37.5
Shoulders 44
Waist at navel 29
Thighs 19

Weight (kg) 60.6

Body shot...

24 December 2009

Third Session (PW1)

This is the final session before Christmas and again, I probably pushed myself a little bit harder than I should have for a prep week!!

I'm really enjoying training and this is motivating me to get that level of pump desired!

In this session I completed the following exercises and weights:

Seated row - 40kg
Squat - 70kg total
close grip bench press - 40kg total

Lat pull down - 45kg
Leg press - 40kg on each side
leg extension - 30kg
Chest press - 50kg total

I think this week has given me the foundation to push harder in the next prep week and moving forward.

With the Christmas holidays Prep week 2 will be a struggle to fit things in but I will make every effort to fit at least three sessions in.

Sunday will be the first update and I am interested to see if I have added any weight at all - just with all the eating that is to come!!

22 December 2009

Second Session (PW1)

So, although I am supposed to be doing a light week, I decided to push myself a little bit more!

In similar format to yesterday I completed 6 exercise mixing up a little as follows (Including weight lifted):

Bent Over Rows - 25kg dumb-bell
Bench Press - 15kg on each side plus 20kg bar
Squats - 25kg on each side plus 20kg bar

Pull ups - body weight only
Dips - body weight only
Press Ups - body weight only (3 sets of 12 reps)
Leg Press - 40kg total

As you can see, I did a little more on the squat and bench press than yesterday. It has ot be said that the Bench Press was a little tough as I am still feeling yesterdays workout.

I hope to maintain these weights for the remainder of PW1 and then into PW2.

Food wise, he appertite is increasing rapidly. I have a new found love (again) of eggy bread which combines eggs with bread! Great food!

I am toying with the idea of also posting a daily food consumption bit so I can monitor intake and increase if needed!

21 December 2009

First Session (PW 1)

And we're off!
The start was less of a race and more like a steady toe dip...

It was definitely a fun session...
The big weights will come and they will be enforced!!

I had an eye opener as to how much I could and couldn't lift and I will take you through exactly what I did in this particular post.

As said earlier in the blog my aim for this week was to set the foundation by picking 6 exercises (2 per body part) to give some initial movement and get used to lifting again.

In this session I decided to do the following:

Bench Press
Lat pull down

Incline bench press
Leg extensions
Seated rows

Bicep curls (I couldn't resist)

The most important thing learnt is that I can't do incline bench press at the moment and had to swop to a machine rather than free weights.

Luckily the gym didn't have many people in to save having to hide my face!

Weight wise, the below is what I lifted comfortably for each exercises keeping in mind the 4 set 6 rep focus I have.

Bench Press - 40kg total (including 10kg bar)
Squats - 60kg total (including 20kg bar)
Lat pull down - 40kg

Incling Chest Press - 30kg total
Leg Extensions - 35kg
Seated Rows - 40kg

Bicep Curls - 11kg per arm

To warm up, I also did 10 mins on the bike.

I felt really invigorated after the work out and this is something that will keep me going. I do miss the gym feeling and "well being".

Session two is tomorrow and I am hoping that an pain is minimal so I can work through it!

20 December 2009

Prep Week 1

From Monday, Prep Week 1 will begin!

I've had one session at the new gym so far and I can tell you that I ache a little bit...
Maybe a lot. But that's good and really underlines the need for two prepatory weeks!

Prep Week 1 will consist of 4 workouts. As it is near to Christmas, I will not be able to space them as I anticipated to allow a good rest but, as this will be light weights, I'm not too concerned.

I intend to visit the gym on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then either Saturday / Sunday depending on the gym opening times!

My aim for this week is to build base strength and eat eat eat!!

I will give a full update on Sunday for measurements and weight with a summary of how I feel on each gym day!

19 December 2009


I haven't mentioned eating yet...
You're possibly throwing your hands in the air shouting "you'll never grow without good diet".

Yes, I hear you!!

Nutrition has never been a strong point for me and I suppose just stuffing my face with anything and everything won't help in the long run...

I will be reviewing this and using the internet to put together a more informed healthy eating plan to ensure plenty of FCPs!!

If you have any suggestions of where to start looking... let me know!

Do I have an objective?

If Management courses have taught me anything it's to have some form of target / objective.
However, I've always been a bit rubbish at SMART objectives when it comes to fitness so!

The aim of this undertaking is to progress through encouragement, competition and for the good of mankind. Well, maybe not the latter but, for me, the sky is the limit.

My general aim is to add some weight and reach that elusive 70kg (or more).
At my heaviest I was 68kg and I feel that that was comfortable. Is that a target then? Ok!

The regime I've set myself follows a 12 week pattern with an intital 2 weeks of prep.
I've put these 2 weeks in so that I can refamiliarise the muscles to exercise. I think it is important NOT to go straight back into a heavy work out without limbering and easing in gently.

(Aside -
It is "Sods Law" that Christmas is in a weeks time as this will inevitably mess with the training calendar. Not to worry. Something to get around and show that my dedication is not new found enthusiasm waiting to diminish!)

The 2 weeks of prep will centre around 6 exercises, working each of the major body areas:- Pecs, Legs, Back. Each body part will have 2 exercises for 4 sets of 6 reps in each session.
I have tried to give as much range of motion and targetting as possible...

The plan is to mix the below exercises for each session with the intention of completing 4 sessions per week.

Leg Press
Leg Extension

Seated Row
Lat Pull Down
Bent Over Row

Flat Bench Press
Dips + Press Ups
Incling Bench Press

My aim is to start with light weights for prep week 1 while I become comfortable and the stabilising muscles react, then quickly build up to a more realistic weight in prep week 2.

This should give a good foundation for which to really get stuck in for the first quarter of 2010.

I will also use the prep weeks to evaluate strengths and weaknesses that I have when lifting to tailor a regime to combat any imbalances.

Measurements: Start

To monitor progress I will be updating my stats everyweek.
I'm not expecting miracles but for prosperities sake and to help map out changes I think it's important!


Break down...

Body area in inches Start

Wrists 6.5
Biceps (not tensed) 10.5
Biceps (tensed) 12.5
Chest 36
Shoulders 43.5
Waist at navel 28.5
Thighs 19

Weight (kg) 59.8

Body shot...

Choosing the right gym!

Before I start anything, I suppose I need to find a gym!

I've been to a number of gyms in my life...
1. Aquatics Centre
2. GL-14
3. Adwick Leiure Centre
4. Marathon Fitness
5. JJB Fitness
6. Cannons
7. My Garage

... the problem is, pin pointing the positives that you want and finding them in one gym! It's not going to happen, is it?

What I look for is space, variety, well maintained equipment and most importantly, no queing!

With that in mind, over the past week I have set about looking for the best options within a 20 mile radius of home. Unfortunately, living in the country has a downside in that good gyms are few and far between.

I had a choice of three!
1. Virgin Active, 32 miles round trip, very well equipped!
2. Very small independent above a sports bar, 8 miles round trip, not so well equipped but with everything one would expect.
3. Good independent, 20 miles round trip, great equipment!

Taking costs into consideration, I don't really need to go into more detail, choice number 3 won hands down. £25 a month with so much equipment, a spit and saw dust atmosphere and very good equipment. See the picture below if you want to become jealous!

It really looks like I've found a really great gym!
So I'm off to sign up!

Let's begin...

So welcome along.
I'm in the zone and ready for the pump!

This blog will be a "journey" to get back on track!

Updates will come every Saturday that will include pictures, measurements, weights and the possibility of a video or two!

Without further delay, begin lifting!!