24 December 2009

Third Session (PW1)

This is the final session before Christmas and again, I probably pushed myself a little bit harder than I should have for a prep week!!

I'm really enjoying training and this is motivating me to get that level of pump desired!

In this session I completed the following exercises and weights:

Seated row - 40kg
Squat - 70kg total
close grip bench press - 40kg total

Lat pull down - 45kg
Leg press - 40kg on each side
leg extension - 30kg
Chest press - 50kg total

I think this week has given me the foundation to push harder in the next prep week and moving forward.

With the Christmas holidays Prep week 2 will be a struggle to fit things in but I will make every effort to fit at least three sessions in.

Sunday will be the first update and I am interested to see if I have added any weight at all - just with all the eating that is to come!!

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