28 December 2009

First Session PW2

I'm now moving into the second of the prep weeks.
This week may be a bit touch and go gym wise as we have bank holidays galore and reduced opening hours!

Although, I did get motivated today to put in the first session for PW2!

PW2 is a continuation of PW1 with some augmentation!

I will continue with the core excercises, which are being included to ensure my muscles get used to lifting again. On top of the core body parts I will now add in auxiliary and stabilising muscle groups.

This will hopefully give the best starting point when the full regime starts next week!

The exercises I'm looking to add in are as follows:

Shoulder press
Lateral raise

Pull over
Decline bench press

Knee raise

The routine it self will not change. I will continue the two exercises per body area and then add in two exercises from the above.

In todays session I did the following exercises and weights:

Squats - 80kg including bar
leg extension - 40kg

bench press - 40kg plus bar
chest press - 50kg total

seated row - 40kg

shoulder press - 40kg
lat raise - 10kg dumbbells

knee raise - bodyweight

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