21 December 2009

First Session (PW 1)

And we're off!
The start was less of a race and more like a steady toe dip...

It was definitely a fun session...
The big weights will come and they will be enforced!!

I had an eye opener as to how much I could and couldn't lift and I will take you through exactly what I did in this particular post.

As said earlier in the blog my aim for this week was to set the foundation by picking 6 exercises (2 per body part) to give some initial movement and get used to lifting again.

In this session I decided to do the following:

Bench Press
Lat pull down

Incline bench press
Leg extensions
Seated rows

Bicep curls (I couldn't resist)

The most important thing learnt is that I can't do incline bench press at the moment and had to swop to a machine rather than free weights.

Luckily the gym didn't have many people in to save having to hide my face!

Weight wise, the below is what I lifted comfortably for each exercises keeping in mind the 4 set 6 rep focus I have.

Bench Press - 40kg total (including 10kg bar)
Squats - 60kg total (including 20kg bar)
Lat pull down - 40kg

Incling Chest Press - 30kg total
Leg Extensions - 35kg
Seated Rows - 40kg

Bicep Curls - 11kg per arm

To warm up, I also did 10 mins on the bike.

I felt really invigorated after the work out and this is something that will keep me going. I do miss the gym feeling and "well being".

Session two is tomorrow and I am hoping that an pain is minimal so I can work through it!

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