19 December 2009

Do I have an objective?

If Management courses have taught me anything it's to have some form of target / objective.
However, I've always been a bit rubbish at SMART objectives when it comes to fitness so!

The aim of this undertaking is to progress through encouragement, competition and for the good of mankind. Well, maybe not the latter but, for me, the sky is the limit.

My general aim is to add some weight and reach that elusive 70kg (or more).
At my heaviest I was 68kg and I feel that that was comfortable. Is that a target then? Ok!

The regime I've set myself follows a 12 week pattern with an intital 2 weeks of prep.
I've put these 2 weeks in so that I can refamiliarise the muscles to exercise. I think it is important NOT to go straight back into a heavy work out without limbering and easing in gently.

(Aside -
It is "Sods Law" that Christmas is in a weeks time as this will inevitably mess with the training calendar. Not to worry. Something to get around and show that my dedication is not new found enthusiasm waiting to diminish!)

The 2 weeks of prep will centre around 6 exercises, working each of the major body areas:- Pecs, Legs, Back. Each body part will have 2 exercises for 4 sets of 6 reps in each session.
I have tried to give as much range of motion and targetting as possible...

The plan is to mix the below exercises for each session with the intention of completing 4 sessions per week.

Leg Press
Leg Extension

Seated Row
Lat Pull Down
Bent Over Row

Flat Bench Press
Dips + Press Ups
Incling Bench Press

My aim is to start with light weights for prep week 1 while I become comfortable and the stabilising muscles react, then quickly build up to a more realistic weight in prep week 2.

This should give a good foundation for which to really get stuck in for the first quarter of 2010.

I will also use the prep weeks to evaluate strengths and weaknesses that I have when lifting to tailor a regime to combat any imbalances.

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